December 2017 Council Minutes

St. John’s Lutheran Church

Council Meeting Minutes-December 20, 2017

Members in attendance: Marion Eden, Joel Kempel, Chris Kempel, Ron Bremmer, Rollin Nelson, Kathy Albrecht,  James Richards, Lee Block, Bonnie Dittmar, Carrie Hass, Connor Boop, Chris Knoup and Pastor Ekstrand.  Members absent: Rhonda Brudi.

The meeting was called to order at 7 pm by President, James Richards.

The Responsive Reading was read by Ann DeZell.

Discussion Topic:  Discussed the topic of “Care for the Caregivers”. 

Secretary’s Report: The minutes of the November 15, 2017, council meeting were presented in writing.  Ron Bremmer  moved to approve the minutes.  Ann DeZell seconded. Motion passed.   Several cards were cards were read for correspondence.

Staff Reports

Parish Administrator:  Report was presented in writing.  Discussed that the Zion Church will using the sanctuary at 7 pm on Christmas Eve. Bonnie Dittmar moved to approve the  Zion Church using the sanctuary.  Joel Kempel seconded.  Motion passed.

Director of Youth Ministries:   Report was presented in writing.  Discussed all the youth events for the past month.  Discussed that the Stephenson County Fair has now moved to the dates of the National Youth Gathering. 

Pastor’s Report:   The Pastor’s report was presented in writing.   Discussed the worship services for the Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, the Lenten Drama and teaching Diakonia in Stockton.

Chris Kempel moved to approve the staff reports.  Rollin Nelson seconded.  Motion passed.

Financial Reports

Financial Secretary:  Report presented in writing.  The report balanced with the bookkeeper. 

Treasurer’s Report:  Marion Eden discussed the financial report.  Used monies from the building fund money market to make the building payments.  The bills for the year so far are less than budgeted, but so is the giving.

Chris Kempel moved to approve the financial reports.  Lee Block seconded.  Motion passed.

Committee Reports

Stewardship/Outreach:   They met to assign worship duties for 2018.

Property:  Work being done to fix the door closer on one of the ramp doors.  The new refrigerator/freezer has been installed.  The old refrigerator has been removed by ComEd.    

Memorial and Finance:   The committee wants to use some of the fundraiser money to be put towards the Building Fund.  Ron Bremmer moved to use $1500.00 from the Fundraiser account to be put towards the Building Fund Checking account.  Bonnie Dittmar seconded.   Motion passed.    

Calendar Committee: Marion Eden discussed the current status of the Calendar sales.  The committee will be meeting on December 28th at 5 pm.  Not all calendars have been sold, but the committee is happy with the support from the Congregation.  Winners will be announced weekly.

 Christian Education:    Carrie Hass reported for the committee.  Sunday School attendance is still low. 

Social Ministry:   Mitten Tree is ongoing.  The committee will meet in January to set dates for ministries in 2018.

Worship & Music:  The committee met on December 7, 2017.  The detailed minutes were distributed.

Strategic Planning:  The committee did not meet in December. 

Helping Hands:  No report as the committee has not met.

Kathy Albrecht moved to approve the committee reports. Chris Knoup seconded.  Motion passed.

Old Business

Old business:  The Nominating Committee has nominated Brian Brudi, DJ Scott and Richard Brinkmeier for council.   Ron Bremmer moved to affirm their nominatiosn.  Ann DeZell seconded.  Motion passed.

Budget:  Marion Eden presented revised Budget with revisions to the Parish Administrator’s line item.  Discussed the additions to the budget and the increase needed for the budget.  Joel Kempel moved to approve the budget.  Ron Bremmer seconded.  Motion passed with one vote of opposition.

Staffing:   Ann DeZell to approve the rehiring of Dianne Handsaker as Parish Administrator.   Kathy Albrecht seconded.  Motion passed.

Mutual Ministry Committee:  The council needs to nominate a member to the committee.  Bonnie Dittmar volunteered.  Ron Bremmer moved to nominate Bonnie Dittmar.  Chris Kempel seconded.  Motion passed. 

New Business

Effie Lou Wise:  Marion Eden discussed the options to invest the Effie Lou Wise monies.  The Finance Committee asked to have $10,000 from the Effie Wise payment used to pay on the principle of the mortgage.  Discussed various option.   The current monies are in the Memorial Checking.  Ann DeZell moved to table discussion until Thrivent may be contacted for investment options. 

Wireless Microphones:  Dianne explained the situation with the current mics and the frequencies not available.  The 600 frequencies that our mics function under have been sold by the FCC in 2017.  The Worship Assistant’s wireless mic needs to be replaced.  Since the mics that we have will be phased out, both the assistant and pastor’s mic need to be replaced.  Estimated cost for replacing both sender/receivers and the mics will be $1500-2000. 

No other new business.

Ann DeZell requested the Executive Committee to meet with Dianne Handsaker.  The committee will set the meeting date. 

Upcoming dates of interest were reviewed.  

 Bonnie Dittmar volunteered to be the reader for the January meeting.

Chris Kempel moved to adjourn.  Ann DeZell seconded.  The meeting was adjourned.

Members closed with prayers.

Respectfully submitted,

Dianne Handsaker

Parish Administrator

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