December Council Minutes

St. John’s Lutheran Church

Council Meeting Minutes, December 16, 2020

Members in attendance online and in-person: Marion Eden, Deb Bremmer, Brian Brudi, Bob Hasselman,  Larry Albrecht, Lois Hunsaker, Gina Boop, Terry Kempel, Cheyenne Handsaker and DJ Scott. Absent: Richard Brinkmeier, Marge Roiland and Bonnie Dittmar.

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm by President, DJ Scott.

The Opening Prayer was read by Terry Kempel.

Secretary’s Report: The minutes of the November 18, 2020, council meeting were presented in writing. Lois Hunsaker moved to approve the minutes. Terry Kempel seconded.  Motion passed.  No correspondence.

Staff Reports

Parish Administrator:  Report was presented in writing.  Discussed the livestream and how many are watching on Sunday mornings with additional views and engagements after the actual service time.  Had a lengthy discussion about how the livestream system works.

Children & Youth Coordinator:  Report was presented in writing.  Confirmation youth have been attending, but the other areas have had slim attendance. 

Pastor Lay’s Report:  No report.    

Bob Hasselman moved to approve the staff reports.  Lois Hunsaker seconded.  Motion passed.

Financial Reports

Financial Secretary:  Report presented in writing. 

Treasurer’s Report:  The $10,000 has not been moved out of the current fund, but plan to this month.  $1.17 interest earned on the Scholarship Account.  Terry Kempel asked about the high amount in janitorial supplies.  The janitor’s monthly payment is in the supplies account and will be moved to the Janitorial account.    

Lois Hunsaker moved to approve the financial reports.  Terry Kempel seconded.  Motion passed.

Committee Reports

Stewardship/Outreach/Grace Meal:  The committee has met to discuss the Time and Talent sheets and plan to meet on December 29 to assign duties for print in the Annual Book.  The committee will reach out to inactive members after things return to a “new normal.”  The Grace Meal committee is preparing the Christmas Day Dinner.  They would appreciate additional volunteers and donations.      

Property:  New LED  spotlights have been installed in the sanctuary this week.  Those bulbs will brighten the altar area.  Stephens Electric has installed a new outlet on the outside of the building for heat tapes, etc.  New photo sensors have been ordered for outside light fixtures.  Mike has also accessed all the circuits in preparation for the use of additional roasters and crock pots for the Christmas Day Dinner.  He will make sure the committee has the amp information, so they don’t blow breakers. 

Memorial & Finance:  Brian Brudi noted various Memorials had been received the past few months.  The committee reviewed and renewed the parsonage insurance.  The committee voted to approve the draft of the budget to present at council.   

Fundraising Committee:  No meeting.

Christian Education:   Discussed attendance and Sunday School.

Social Ministry: The Mitten Tree collection will conclude the first week of January.  The collection includes snow pants, sweat pants and insulated gloves.

Worship & Music:  Pastor Lay will be staying through January 2021 with the possibility of an extension through Easter.  Dianne noted that Joy to the World is included in the bulletin as a closing hymn for worship on December 20 with the Congregation singing.  If members are uncomfortable with singing, they are welcome to leave when Pastor processes out.  If all goes well, the Christmas Eve worship services will include singing.  We plan to light candles for the Christmas Eve Candlelight services.  We have enough to not reuse them and need to clean.  A group of individuals will wipe down the pews between the Christmas Eve services. 

Helping Hands/Health Ministry:  No meeting.

Nominating Committee:  The committee has three members committed for Council. 

Deb Bremmer moved to approve the committee reports. Gina Boop seconded.  Motion passed.

Old Business

Pastor Lay Interim:  Pastor Lay will be staying through January 2021 with the possibility of an extension through Easter.  If you know of individuals needing Pastoral Care, please contact Dianne and she will have Pastor Lay reach out to them.

2021 Budget:  The updated budget included the FICA offset.  Marion reviewed the projected pastor salary, etc.  Marion Eden moved to take this budget to the Congregational Meeting.  Brian Brudi seconded.  Motion passed. 

Call Committee:  The Call Committee will be meeting on December 17 to review the pastoral search input forms to begin the Ministry Site Profile. 

Livestream Equipment/Volunteers:  Asked to include the need for individuals to run the sound and livestream be included in the bulletin and newsletter. 

PPP:  The PPP loan ($15,727.77) was officially forgiven on November 24.  All paperwork to be kept on file for six years and will be kept in the lock box at the bank. 

No other old business

New Business

January Grace Meal: The Grace Meal committee is asking the Council to prepare and serve the January Grace Meal.  They have served meatloaf the past few years.  Deb Bremmer moved for the council to do the January Grace Meal.  Lois Hunsaker seconded. Motion passed. 

Congregational Annual Meeting:  The meeting is scheduled for January 31, 2021.  Discussed offering to Livestream and have a GoogeMeet/Phone (similar to Zoom) option.  Council members felt it shouldn’t be on Facebook.  The meeting will be held in the Sanctuary to achieve social distancing.  Members will receive the GoogleMeet/Phone information via email and the January newsletter.  It was suggested to have microphones in multiple areas in Sanctuary.

No other new business.

Upcoming dates of interest were reviewed. 

Deb Bremmer volunteered to be the reader for the January meeting.

Terry Kempel moved to adjourn.  Deb Bremmer seconded.  The meeting was adjourned.

Members closed the meeting in Prayer.

Respectfully submitted,

Dianne Handsaker

Parish Administrator

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