July Council Minutes

St. John’s Lutheran Church Council Meeting Minutes-July 17, 2019

Members in attendance: Kathy Albrecht, Deb Bremmer, Marion Eden, Brian Brudi, Bob Hasselman, Ron DePrisco, Chris Kempel, Marge Roiland, Pr Ekstrand, Joan Stewart, Bonnie Dittmar, Carrie Hass. Abscent:  DJ Scott, Richard Brinkmeier and Chris Knoup.

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Vice-President, Kathy Albrecht. The meeting was opened with prayer.

The Responsive Reading was read by Kathy Albrecht.

Discussion Topic: Learn more about your congregation through focus groups.

Secretary’s Report: The minutes of the June 19, 2019, council meeting were presented in writing. No additions or correction noted. No correspondence received. Carrie Hass moved to approve the minutes. Bonnie Dittmar seconded. Motion passed.

Staff Reports

Parish Administrator: Report was presented in writing. Dianne to be off July 15-19, July 24-26, and August 6-9, 13&15. Deadline for August Newsletter July 20, 2019.

Director of Youth Ministries:  No report submitted. Deb Bremmer brought forward her conversation with Monica regarding upcoming dates of interest, including July grace meal to be served by SPLAT, rental of Lena Lions pool the first Sunday in August for SPLAT members and their families, and proposal for "Blessing's Box" outside of church to mirror popular "Little Libraries;" except that books included would be spiritual, inspirational, or include bible stories. A proposal for the exact location, description, type of material to be available, who will be responsible to maintain the box, and construct the box, needs to be included on the next Christian Education meeting agenda in order for the proposed idea to be brought to a vote at the next council meeting.

Pastor’s Report: The Pastor’s report was presented in writing. Pastor discussed material that he is getting ready for upcoming bible studies, Tuesday and Thursday am prayer, and Devine readings "Lectio-Devio" or prayer over the gospel reading to occur on the second Sunday of the month 0800-0830. The start of these prayers will be at the outdoor service inLenaAugust 11 from 0900-0930, a later time due to the later service time. Chris Kempel moved to approve the staff reports. Marge Roiland seconded. Motion passed.

Financial Reports

Financial Secretary: Report presented in writing.

Treasurer’s Report: The report was presented in writing. Notably, current fund income down in June, because of this, $6,000 from fundraiser account was moved to current fund on July 1. Also on June 30th our $10,000 line of credit was renewed. Income of $541.84 was noted from July brat stand. We continue to be up to date with our loan payments. Importantly, we need to continue to look for ways to raise funds, and conserve resources. Various fundraiser ideas were presented including raffle cards and bingo in addition to our current calendar fundraiser.  

Marge Roiland moved to approve the financial reports. Carrie Hass seconded. Motion passed.

Committee Reports

Stewardship/Outreach: Grace Meal committee report received in writing. Marge Roiland updated on brat stand.

Property: Bob Hasselman reported on all the various improvements that have been completed around the church by Mike Palmer. Included in these repairs are the following, light fixed and black board replaced with a white dry erase board in the disciples den, ruts in the yard left over from the painting of the church filled, and mulch placed in the flower beds. Appreciation was noted for all of these efforts, but discussion was brought forward on the importance to communicate these completed repairs with congregation members. Vocalized was that it would be appropriate to print these updates in the bulletin or newsletter to keep everyone up to date on these necessary improvement /completions, and the members that are donating their time to graciously complete these tasks.

Memorial and Finance: Marion Eden discussed addition of a new coffee pot from Myrtle Parkinson Memorial with additional funding by Butch and Carol Garnhart.

Calendar Committee: Discussed calendar drawing raffle, and various other fundraiser ideas.

Christian Education: No report received, discussed points of interest from Deb Bremmer's conversation with Monica, and rally Sunday planning.

Social Ministry: Ron DePrisco verbalized need to let people know about our church, and he noted his interest in advertising such as a 30 second commercial on the radio or TV.

Worship & Music: The outdoor service is set for August 11, 2019 at Dodd's Park inLena.

Strategic Planning: No report noted, committee has not met.

Helping Hands: Chris Kempel reported on Journey through Grief session that took place on August 4th with three people in attendance. The session focused on various resources for persons coping with grief. Discussed hand washing program to be presented to Sunday school class, and plan for up coming fall flu shots/ blood pressure screenings.

Bonnie Dittmar moved to approve the committee reports. Deb Bremmer seconded. Motion passed.

Old Business:

Youth Council Member: no one has volunteered, will continue to seek volunteers to fill this position.

Christian Education needs to submit a formal agenda proposal regarding the library/ blessings box, prior to a formal vote at next council meeting.

New Business:

Committee restructure: Idea submitted by Pastor regarding proposal to re-structure the committee groups.  Proposal includes combining memorial and finance, stewardship and outreach, changing helping hands to health ministries, adding a fellowship committee "Koinonia", adding a new committee Evangelism committee, and possibly a promoting and fundraising committee. Committee restructure agenda item to be added to next month's agenda.

Reader for next council meeting is Bonnie Dittmar.

Marge Roiland moved to adjourn. Brian Brudi seconded. The meeting was adjourned at 8:29 p.m.

Members closed with the Lord's Prayer.


Respectfully submitted,

Deb Bremmer

Council Secretary


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