June Council Minutes

St. John’s Lutheran Church Council Meeting Minutes-June 19, 2018

Members in attendance: DJ Scott, Kathy Albrecht, Deb Bremmer, Marion Eden, Brian Brudi, Bob Hasselman, Ron DePrisco, Chris Kempel, Chris Knoup, Marge Roiland, Pr. Ekstrand, Joan
Stewart, Bonnie Dittmar, Carrie Hass. Absent: Richard Brinkmeier.

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm by President, DJ Scott.

The Responsive Reading was read by Ron DePrisco.

Discussion Topic: Why Does No One Go to Church in the summertime?

Secretary’s Report: The minutes of the May 15, 2019, council meeting were presented in writing. No additions, a correction needs to be made to the minutes, as Chris Kempel was not in attendance at this meeting. Correspondence: Received thank-you letter from the ELCA for our donation to Good Gifts. Members reported seeing picture of Pr. Ekstrand receiving grant money for Grace Meal printed in local paper. Kathy Albrecht moved to approve the minutes. Chris Knoup seconded. Motion passed.

Staff Reports

Parish Administrator: Report was presented in writing. Dianne noted appreciation for plant sent for Administrator's Appreciation Day. Attention drawn to Newsletter deadline June 20, 2019, no other comments made.

Director of Youth Ministries:  Report presented in writing.

Pastor’s Report: The Pastor’s report was presented in writing. Pastor reported that he is planning for fall bible studies, and Tuesday/ Thursday am prayers. Chris Knoup moved to approve the staff reports. Kathy Albrecht seconded. Motion passed.

Financial Reports

Financial Secretary: Report presented in writing.

Treasurer’s Report: The report was presented in writing.

It was noted that $14,750 is needed to meet monthly budget. Calendar fundraiser is going well; we need to find additional fundraiser suggestions for next year. Bob Hasselman moved to approve the financial reports. Brian Brudi seconded. Motion passed.

Committee Reports

Stewardship/Outreach: The report presented in writing. The committee needs help setting up and tearing down the Brat Stand, and continue to look for volunteers. DJ reported that the Brat Stand is going well, and that committee is starting to plan for Commitment Sunday.

Property: Bob Hasselman reported that the pressure washing/ painting of the Church was finished, the tree stump has been ground up, that a few ruts needed to be filled into the landscape area, and that the roping calk had been placed between the gaps of plaster in the new addition. No written report received.

Memorial and Finance: No written report for this committee this month. Brian Brudi's verbal report mirrored financial reports noting that giving is down, and the Church has needed to borrow from the calendar fund to meet expenses.

Calendar Committee: No written report, weekly drawings continue.

Christian Education: Report is presented in writing. Active week at VBS with Veggie Tales, 49 children, 15 teachers/helpers participated, 287 non-perishable food items collected, and $360 raised during week and program combined to be used for a proposed Literacy Book Box. Council would like more information regarding Book Box prior to moving forward.

Social Ministry: Gift made to ELCA Good Gifts, thank-you note received for contribution.

Worship & Music: The report was submitted in writing. Notably, an outdoor service is planned for Aug 11th at Dodd's park in Lena. The importance of promoting a positive message, and attitude in regards to attracting new membership was discussed following discussion of committee report.

Strategic Planning: No report noted, committee has not met.

Helping Hands: Report submitted in writing. Plan is to have a Journey through Grief session on June 29th at 10 am.

Bonnie Dittmar moved to approve the committee reports. Marge Roiland seconded. Motion passed.

Old Business:

Youth Council Member: not filled, no new inquires.

Sheparding: Discussed how this ministry was going for council members, discussed challenges and opportunities.

New Business:

Synod Assembly Wrap-up: Pastor reported that Synod was fairly uneventful, Pastor remarked about two resolutions discussed at assembly. Resolutions discussed centered on promoting progress of equality of pay, benefits, and opportunities for all regardless of gender. Notably, Pastor reported that next year marks 50 years from the ordination of the ELCA's first female pastor.

New Pastors coming to area: Pr. Donna Hoffman, will be starting at Pearl City United Methodist Church on June 30th; Pr. Paul Gebo starts at Christ Lutheran Church in Stockton on July 1st.

Reader for next council meeting July 17th is Kathy Albrecht.

Chris Knoup moved to adjourn the meeting, Bonnie Dittmar seconded. The meeting was adjourned.

Members closed with the Lord's Prayer.


Respectfully submitted,

Deb Bremmer

Council Secretary


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