July Council Minutes

St. John’s Lutheran Church
Council Meeting Minutes, July 21 2021
Members in attendance: Pastor Shellie, Marion Eden, Lori Kempel, Bonnie Dittmar, Bob Hasselman, Lois Hunsaker, Marge Roiland, Leann Heimerdinger, Morgan Scharping and Terry Kempel. Absent: Cheyenne Handsaker, Diane Handsaker, Gina Boop, Joan Stewart and Larry Albrecht.
The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm by President, Lori Kempel. The devotion and opening prayer was led by Pastor Shellie.
Secretary’s Report: The minutes of the June 16, 2021, council meeting was presented in writing. A motion was made to approve the minutes as presented by Lois Hunsaker, and second was made by Marion Eden.
Correspondence was read by Marion Eden from the synod thanking the church for the good gifts project giving.
Staff Reports
Parish Administrator: Report was presented in writing.
Children & Youth Coordinator: No report
Pastor’s Report: Report was presented in writing. Discussed transition of Pastor Shellie working with Jim Heimerdinger to take over confirmation teaching.
Reports are approved as read.
Financial Reports
Financial Secretary: Report presented in writing. A motion was made to make an extra principal payment from the building fund to the SBA loan by Bob Hasselman, and Marge Roiland seconded. The $10,000 line of credit at Pearl City Bank was renewed by Marion.
Treasurer’s Report: Discussed the balance in the Current Fund.
Reports were approved as presented.
Committee Reports
Stewardship/Outreach/Grace Meal: Reports presented in writing.
Property: Report presented in writing. Lightning damage from the storm is being looked into and presented to insurance.
Memorial & Finance: Clifford Clark gave another $1000 for his wife’s memorial. Discussed replacing candles up front. A motion was made to approve the new candles for the candelabra by Bonnie Dittmar, Lois Hunsaker seconded. Shirley Emel requested her husband’s memorial be returned to her so she can give it to his former church. A motion was made by Marion to give the memorial back, and seconded by Terry.
Christian Education: No meeting. Leann will send something to Dianne requesting more members for the committee.
Social Ministry: The School Supply collection started July 11 and will conclude on August 15.
Worship & Music: Report presented in writing. Discussed microphone compatibility with livestream.
Helping Hands/Health Ministry: Did not meet.
Marion Eden moved to approve the committee reports as presented. Marge Roiland seconded. Motion passed.
Old Business
Children and Youth Coordinator: Pastor Shellie met with a potential candidate to discuss the position. Discussed compensation and specific position duties. Discussed the lack of youth involved currently and ideas to invite them back to church. Discussed ideas to get young men back and involved in the church.
Mutual Ministry Committee: Pastor Shellie will contact members of the call committee to serve on this committee.
Water Softener at Parsonage: Terry had Stewart Kuhlmeier look at the softener and it should be operational now. Brinkmeier’s will automatically fill it monthly.
No other old business
New Business
Cleaning: The church cleaners have put in their notice to be done at the end of the month. There are a couple of people interested in taking over this position. Diane will meet with them and discuss duties, compensation, etc.
Council Meetings: Discussed moving meetings back to the conference room. If the elevator is fixed soon the meeting location can be moved.
Lawn Mowing: The current lawn mowers will be done at the end of the year. We will need to find someone else for next year.
No other new business.
Upcoming dates of interest were reviewed.
Bonnie Dittmar volunteered to be the reader for the August meeting, The meeting was adjourned. Members closed with prayers.
Respectfully submitted, Morgan Scharping, Council Secretary.

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