May Council Minutes

St. John’s Lutheran Church

Council Meeting Minutes, May 18, 2022

Members in attendance: Marion Eden, Lori Kempel, Larry Albrecht, Leann Heimerdinger, Lois Hunsaker, Joan Stewart, Morgan Scharping, Shawn Kuhlemeier, Brian Brudi,  Gina Boop, Michelle Miller, Monica Baier,  Mary Baier and Pastor Shellie.  Absent: none

The meeting was called to order at 7 pm by President, Lori Kempel.

Pastor Shellie led a devotion and prayer.

Secretary’s Report: The minutes of the April 20, 2022, council meeting were presented in writing. Minutes approved as presented.   A thank you note was read from Kathy Hillmer.

Staff Reports

Parish Administrator:  Report was presented in writing.

Pastor’s Report: Pastor’s report was presented in writing. 

The staff reports were approved as presented.

Financial Reports

Financial Secretary:  Report presented in writing.  Discussed the amount ($1459.83) given to Lutheran World Hunger and that it was all the Lent offerings (Ash Wednesday, Mid-weeks, Maundy Thursday and the coin boxes).  We will need to clarify that for next year as Pastor wasn’t expecting the Ash Wednesday and Maundy Thursday offerings going to Lutheran World Hunger also.

Treasurer’s:  Report was presented in writing.  Discussed that the Current Fund is using about $2000/month of the surplus funds from the beginning of the year.  The committee discussed putting offering amounts in the bulletin and newsletter each month.  The council discussed promoting the needs of the Current Fund in the newsletter and/or Current Fund.  Discussed the cost of envelopes and online giving. 

Committee Reports

Stewardship/Outreach/Grace Meal:  Reports were all presented in writing.  The Brat Stand needs volunteers.

Property:  Discussed the Property Committee and Worship and Music Committee getting an estimate to remove the railing/half wall in the sanctuary from Donnie Miller.  No action at this time.     

Memorial & Finance:  The committee met.  Discussed the additional funds in the Building Fund and the committee suggests making an additional $3000 SBA principle payment.  Brian Brudi moved to pay an additional $3000 on the SBA Loan.  Marion Eden seconded.  Motion passed. 

Christian Education:   The Christian Education Committee submitted a report in writing.  VBS has a great group of teachers.      

Social Ministry:  Discussed the ongoing collection for the ELCA Good Gifts. 

Worship & Music:  The committee met and the minutes of their meeting were presented in writing.   Memorial Dedications will be included in the service on May 29.  Pentecost Sunday will be June 5. 

Helping Hands/Health Ministry:  Report was presented in writing.  Discussed asking for volunteers to make calls to members with information provided.  Would like to do a talk at worship on Pathway Connection on June 12 to ask for volunteers.  Covid numbers are increasing in our area.

Marion Eden moved to approve the committee reports as presented. Lois Hunsaker seconded.  Motion passed.

Old Business

Community Christmas Day Dinner Fund:  St. John’s has been approached and asked to take over the funds in the Pearl City Christmas Day Dinner Fund (approx.  $2252.22).  Joan Stewart asked that no additional restricted funds be added to the Current Fund.  Members discussed the history of the meal and which churches have hosted it the past few years.  Lois Hunsaker moved to take over the Pearl City Christmas Day Dinner Fund and have it moved to a new Savings Account at the Pearl City State Bank for St. John’s.  Marion Eden seconded.  Motion passed.  A new Savings Account will be opened at the Pearl City State Bank by St. John’s for the Christmas Day Dinner Fund.

No other old business

New Business

Pearl City Food Backpack Program:  The program has been awarded an additional $1000 grant from the Northern Illinois Synod.  The first grant will be received in January after the bills/invoices are submitted.  Pastor Shellie asked for a fund to be set-p for easy to access to funds to purchase food items.  Members discussed that two signatures are required for checks, etc.  After a lengthy discussion, Lois Hunsaker moved to have St. John’s open a credit card account for Pastor Shellie to be used for church purchases and to be reviewed in the future.  Shawn Kuhlemeier seconded.  Leann Heimerdinger move to amend the motion to include a limit of $1500.  Brian Brudi seconded the amendment.  The amendment passed.  The amended motion then passed.  Morgan Scharping moved to open a separate checking account at the Pearl City State Bank for the Pearl City Healthy Wolves.  Gina Boop seconded.  Motion passed. 

Nourishing Vocation Project of St. Olaf College:  Pastor Shellie and St. John’s have been chosen to participate in Nourishing Vocation Project at St. Olaf College.  Pastor Shellie is asking for 5-8 volunteers that will participate in this project.  Pastor Shellie also asked for two lay leaders to consider attending in person with her on July 25-28 at St. Olaf College for training for vocation ministers.  All expenses are paid.  Please let Pastor Shellie know if you are interested in being involved with the project and/or attending the training. 

Water Cooler:  Lois Hunsaker has access to a free water cooler that could be placed in Luther Hall.  The Baier family volunteered to take care of the water cooler.   Lois Hunsaker will drop off the cooler this week.    

No other new business.

Upcoming dates of interest were reviewed. 

Joan Stewart volunteered to be the reader for the June meeting,

Meeting was adjourned.

Members closed with prayers followed by the Lord’s Prayer.

Respectfully submitted,

Dianne Handsaker

Parish Administrator


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