November Council Minutes

St. John’s Lutheran Church

Council Meeting Minutes-of November 28, 2018


Members in attendance: Kathy Albrecht,  Ann DeZell, DJ Scott, James Richards, Chris Kempel, Joan Stewart, Rolling Nelson, Marion Eden, Brian Brudi and Pastor Ekstrand.  Members absent: Deb Bemmer, Carrie Hass, Chris Knoup, Richard Brinkmeier and Dianne Handsaker.

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm by President,  Jim Richards.

The Responsive Reading was read by Jim Richards.

Secretary’s Report: Was submitted in writing.  No comments were made.  Lee Block moved to approve the minutes.  Chris Kempel seconded.  

Correspondence:  None

Staff Reports

Parish Administrator:  Report was presented in writing.  No comments.

Pastor’s Report/Director of Youth Ministries:  Pastor is leading Youth Group and has most of this contact with the Jr. High group.  High school group is touch and go.  Pastor is working on Lent.  

Rollin Nelson moved to approve the staff reports.   DJ Scott seconded.  Motion passed.

Financial Reports

Financial Secretary:  The report was presented in writing. Marion attended a workshop and learned that by renting space to non-tax exempt groups and making $1000.00 annually, that the church could lose its tax exempt status.  Discussion was had that if we get close to the $1000.00 limit that we could ask for a donation instead of charging a dollar amount to rent Luther Hall.

Treasurer’s Report:  The report was presented in writing. 

Chris Kempel moved to approve the financial reports.   Jim Richards seconded.  Motion passed.

Committee Reports

Stewardship/Outreach:  The report was submitted in writing.  DJ talked about the Grace Meal and the meeting that was had in Luther Hall a couple of weeks ago about continuing the Grace Meal, and those who have volunteered to help with its continuation.    

Property: Pastor reported that the air conditioners have been removed from the office for the season.  The tree near the parking lost has been removed.  

Memorial and Finance: They met and discussed the revised budget, that will be talked about later in New Business.  They discussed the building fund accounts.  A request was made to make an additional principal payment on the Mission Investment Fund.    A motion was made by DJ Scott to make an additional $3000.00 payment to the loan.  Kathy Albrecht seconded.  The motion passed.

Calendar Committee Fundraiser: 283 calendars have been sold to date.  We need to sell 360 calendars to break even.  We are a little behind this year as compared to last year at this time.    

Christian Education:  Sunday school and Confirmation are going well.  Weekly Bible studies are also going well.  Next weeks Bible study will be canceled for Thursday morning, as pastor needs to attend a meeting with the Bishop.   

Social Ministry:  Finished Harvest Home collection and delivered all donations to the food pantry.  Starting the hitting tree for a donation to Pearl City School.

Worship & Music:   Christmas Services are coming up.  The first lighting of the advent candle will be this coming Sunday.   

Strategic Planning:  They discussed Christian education and the future of the Christian Education committee. These discussions will continue during the next meeting.

Helping Hands:  The report was submitted in writing.     

Ann DeZell moved to approve the committee reports.   Jim Richards seconded.  Motion passed. 

Old Business:

Children and Youth Director Position:  Pearl City United Methodist Church declined to be partners in employing this position.  St. John’s will move ahead with the hiring of this position.  Pastor presented a revised job description to the council.  Pastor will assemble a committee of two parents, one youth and either Marion or Joan and Pastor for a total of a five member hiring committee.  The importance of a mandatory background check and make sure that they are covered under insurance for sexual misconduct.  

Chris Kempel made to move forward with the hiring of a youth director position with the amendment from above and Kathy Albrecht seconded it.  Motion passed.

Youth Council Member:  We do not have one at this time.  

Committee monthly reminders:  Please remember to get those in on time.

New Business:

Committee Report for the Annual Book: Committees should get those reports written for the book and get them in to Dianne as soon as possible.  Dianne will update this information at next month’s Council Meeting.

Establishment of Nominating Committee: Lee Block, Ann DeZell, Jim Richards, and Rollin Nelson are outgoing Council members.  

2019 Fiscal Year Budget:  A proposed copy of the budget was presented to the council in writing.  Copies were taken by council members to review in depth before the next council meeting. Council will vote at the next meeting to present this budget to the congregation.

Upcoming Dates:  Upcoming dates of interest were reviewed. 

Reader for next council meeting is: Ann DeZell

Ann DeZell motion to adjourn.    Kathy Albrecht seconded.  The meeting was adjourned.

Members closed with the Lord’s Prayer.

Respectfully submitted,

Ann DeZell

Council Secretary


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