October Council Minutes

St. John’s Lutheran Church

Council Meeting Minutes, October 21, 2020

Members in attendance: Marion Eden, Deb Bremmer, Brian Brudi, Bonnie Dittmar, Marge Roiland, Bob Hasselman,  Larry Albrecht, Lois Hunsaker, Gina Boop, Terry Kempel and DJ Scott. Absent: Richard Brinkmeier and Cheyenne Handsaker.

The meeting was called to order at 7:01 pm by President, DJ Scott.

The Opening Prayer was read by Deb Bremmer.

Secretary’s Report: The minutes of the September 16, 2020, council meeting and the September 27, 2020, Special Council meeting were presented in writing. Lois Hunsaker moved to approve the minutes of the meeting on September 16, 2020. Terry Kempel seconded.  Motion passed. Brian Brudi moved to approve the minutes of the Special Council meeting on September 27, 2020.  Bonnie Dittmar seconded. Motion passed.  A thank you card was read from Jane Boop to the church council.   

Staff Reports

Parish Administrator:  Report was presented in writing.  Dianne corrected her report concerning time off.  She also highlighted what had been completed for this week’s funeral and to prepare for All Saints Sunday.  Due to the funeral, Dianne noted she would not complete the November newsletter until the next week. 

Children & Youth Coordinator:  Report was presented in writing.  Youth events have resumed and plans are to start Sunday School in-person again soon. 

Pastor Lay’s Report:  Report was presented in detail.  Members noted their appreciation for his report and the information provided.  It was noted what he was paid for September and that the services that Pastor Pat did were at no charge as she’s a member of the NIS Staff. 

Deb Bremmer moved to approve the staff reports.  Gina Boop seconded.  Motion passed.

Financial Reports

Financial Secretary:  Report presented in writing. 

Treasurer’s Report:  Marion Eden noted that all bills are paid.   No issues at this time.

Bonnie Dittmar moved to approve the financial reports.  Bob Hasselman seconded.  Motion passed.

Committee Reports

Stewardship/Outreach/Grace Meal:  Commitment Sunday was October 18, 2020.  The October Grace Meal was held on October 18 and served over 100 meals.  The PC National Honor Society assisted members of the committee to provide the Grace Meal.   Time and Talent Sheets will be included in the next newsletter with reminders in the bulletin.    SPLAT will do the November Grace Meal. 

Property:  A detailed report was submitted.  Bob Hasselman noted that a couple of rooms need to be painted in the parsonage before the carpet is to be cleaned.  The committee would like to know the plans for the parsonage (no plans at this time).  Requested an email to the Congregation about not using the dumpster for personal use.  Cameras would deter individuals from using the dumpster.  Brinkmeier Plumbing recommended we don’t turn the heat and water off at the parsonage.  The city has moved the parsonage to a “snow bird” account and will charge $21/month.  Terry Kempel had already turned the water off inside the building.  A WIFI thermostat will be installed to keep the heat at a minimal without freezing.  Terry Kempel leveled out a gravel pile and filled in the washed-out area.     

Memorial & Finance:  Committee didn’t meet.

Fundraising Committee:  No meeting.

Christian Education:   Plan to start Sunday School on November 1.  SPLAT is serving the November Grace Meal and plan to do spaghetti.

Social Ministry: The Harvest Home collection is ongoing until November 8, 2020.  The Mitten Tree will start on November 29, 2020.    

Worship & Music:  Report presented in writing. 

Helping Hands/Health Ministry:  No meeting.

Marion Eden moved to approve the committee reports. Lois Hunsaker seconded.  Motion passed.

Old Business

Call Committee:  The question was presented, What guidance do we want to give the Call Committee about a new Pastor?   Council members expressed their desires for involvement in the community and the people.  It was noted that the Call Committee is to complete the Ministry Sit Profile (MSP) with input from the membership.   Members felt the importance of including information on Pearl City and what our town has to offer.   Discussed the need for hiring a Pastor that fits within our budget.  Discussed having in-person meetings versus a survey.    

Pastor Lay Interim:  St. John’s is currently paying Pastor Lay as a Supply Pastor.  Pastor did offer to do a second service on Sundays to spread out the attendance if needed. 

2021 Budget:  Marion Eden noted all, but two committee sheets had been received.  Plan to have a draft of the budget for the November meeting.      

No other old business

New Business

Nomination Committee: The committee will be Brian Brudi, DJ Scott, Deb Bremmer and Richard Brinkmeier.  They will meet to discuss.    

PPP Loan Forgiveness: Marion Eden noted a new form has been added to the requirements and will be submitted by the October 31, 2020, deadline.    The form is completed, needs signatures and will be filed.

Confirmation:  Confirmation is planned for Sunday, October 25.  At this time four of the six will be confirmed as two are quarantining.  The hopeful plan is to confirm those two youth on November 8, 2020.

No other new business.

Upcoming dates of interest were reviewed. 

Brian Brudi volunteered to be the reader for the November meeting.

Larry Albrecht moved to adjourn.  Bonnie Dittmar seconded.  The meeting was adjourned.

Members closed with prayers.

Respectfully submitted,

Dianne Handsaker

Parish Administrator

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