Prayer Concerns

Prayer Concerns (July 28 - August 18, 2019): Chris Tippett, Jim Brinkmeier, Bob & Lynn Lyvers, Lynn & Sue Jansen, Lyle Reap, Nicole Merboth, Corey Albrecht, James Eden, Martha Morris, Twila Simler, Audrey Wilcox, Family of Dusty Lulce, Chayse Boyle, Jeremiah Luke, Janice Campbell, Bob & Barb Cable, Kevin Linden, Jackie Smith, Dave Carter, Tina .Schuster, Ian Kempel, Luke McDearmon and Greta Schamberger.

The family and friends of Dennis Howe, Ed Curry, Colton Drye, Mike Miche, Wayne Greene, Betty Koehn, Bill & Cindy Carroll, those deceased in El Paso, TX and Dayton, OH, Wilber Kruse, Duane Kruse and Scott Buck.


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