Prayer Concerns

Prayer Concerns (July 29-August 19, 2018): Jerilyn Strohecker, Beth Schneider, Lynn & Sue Jansen, Deb Lindeman, Dave Carter, Darlene Timpe, April Eberle, Nicole Merboth, Shaun Otto, Cathy Broshous, Erica Hoyer, Bill Liebenstein, Mike Liebenstein, Amber Heinrich, Jason Raab, Roger Kloepping, Allen George, Raymond Frary, Mary James, all the people in the world with cancer, Lee Harbison, Sandy Keltner, Pat Klotz, Peggy Lauber, Deana Gilbert, Audry & Asa Wilcox, Carol Rouse and Nick Knoup.

The family and friends of  Elwyn Anderson, Richard “Dick” Boyer, Bob Dole, Marge Niesman, Armin Groezinger and Connie Stamm.


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