September Council Minutes

St. John’s Lutheran Church

Council Meeting Minutes-September 19, 2018

Members in attendance: Marion Eden, Rollin Nelson, Lee Block, Chris Kempel, Brian Brudi, Deb Bremmer, Carrie Hass Kathy Albrecht, DJ Scott, Chris Knoup and Pastor Ekstrand.  Members absent:  James Richards and Richard Brinkmeier.

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm by Vice-president, Kathy Albrecht.

The Responsive Reading was read by Kathy Albrecht.

Parson Bob Stark represented the Northern Illinois Synod and presented a Vim, Vigor, and Vitality discussion on behalf of the Bishop.  Discussed the Congregation’s strengths and weaknesses and how the synod plays a role in our Congregation. 

Secretary’s Report: The minutes of the August 15, 2019, council meeting were presented in writing. DJ Scott moved to approve the minutes. Carrie Hass seconded. Motion passed.   Correspondence was read from the Pearl City Schools thanking St. John’s for the school supply donations.

Staff Reports

Parish Administrator:  Report was presented in writing. Added work on the Sound System to the report.   

Director of Youth Ministries:   Beth Schneider, Youth Director, read a letter of resignation to the Congregation for the Director of Youth Ministries, Grace Meal Coordinator and Christian Education Chair.  She read her letter of resignation a gave a two week notice. 

Pastor’s Report:   The Pastor’s report was presented in writing.   He discussed teaching the first five week Diakonia class on Christian Doctrine.  He discussed Bible Studies, classes, etc.

Ann DeZell moved to approve the Staff Reports.  Chris Kempel seconded.  Motion passed.

Financial Reports

Financial Secretary:  Report presented in writing. 

Treasurer’s Report:  Report presented in writing.  August was a very low month for giving to the Current Fund.  $3000 was borrowed at the bank to pay Current bills.  The Fundraiser contributions have been depleted.

Chris Kempel moved to approve the Financial Reports.  Ann DeZell seconded.  Motion passed.

Committee Reports

Stewardship/Outreach:   The report was presented in writing.  DJ Scott discussed the timeline for Commitment Sunday.    

Property:  Discussed that small things have been done around the building.  Discussed that Elm trees need to be removed.    

Memorial and Finance:   Discussed memorials that were received.  Also discussed the continue shortfall of giving. 

Calendar Committee:  Calendars have been dispersed.   The committee is hoping that all 1000 calendars are sold this year. 

Social Ministry:   The Harvest Home collection will begin on October 7.

Christian Education:    Minutes of the September 5th meeting were presented.  Deb Bremmer discussed the new Christmas Program called “Wonder.”   

Worship & Music:  Minutes of the August 30th meeting were presented in writing. 

Strategic Planning:     No report.  A meeting was held on September 4, 2018.

Helping Hands:  Report was presented in writing.  The healing service was held after worship.

Chris Knoup moved to approve the committee reports. DJ Scott seconded.  Motion passed.

Old Business

Old Business:   

Energy Audit:  Dianne contacted the agency and is waiting on an appointment.

Council as Shepherds:  Pastor will prepare for the next meeting.

Youth Council Member:   This is in our Constitution, so need to work on having a representative. 

Committee Monthly Reminders: This will be rolled out at the next meeting. 


New Business

Budget Requests:  Marion handed budget forms for each committee.  They are due at the October meeting.

No other new business.

Upcoming dates of interest were reviewed.  

Chris Knoup volunteered to be the reader for the October meeting.

Carrie Hass moved to adjourn.  Ann DeZell seconded.  The meeting was adjourned.

Members closed with prayers.

Respectfully submitted,

Dianne Handsaker

Parish Administrator










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