The SPLAT SCRIP is a continued fundraiser for the youth at St. John's Lutheran Church - SPLAT. 
What is SCRIP?  When purchasing a SCRIP you are purchasing a gift card/certificate you can use at that place of retail.  SCRIP cards may not be reloaded.  Those participating retailers offer discounts through Great Lakes Scrip Center(GLSC).  When purchasing a SCRIP card, you pay face value for that card, but the difference between the face value you pay and the discounted price GLSC pays is retained as revenue.
If you purchase a  $100 SCRIP card with 5% revenue,
we would pay GLSC $95 and keep the remaining $5 revenue.
How do I order SCRIP? There are now 2 ways to order SCRIP.
1.  Fill out at SPLAT SCRIP form. Click here for a printable order form.   If there is a card not listed on the order form, just write it in from the GLSC participating Sponsors.  Click here for participating retailers.  Make payment to - SPLAT SCRIP - then place in the SPLAT box on the table in the St. John's Narthex.  Orders are submitted on the second Sunday of the month and are available for the third weekend of the month.  
2. Visit the website,, and set up your user information.  You are welcome to pay with check by placing it in the SPLAT SCRIP box at the St. John's Narthex or conveniently pay online using PrestoPay.  Please read all the information about PrestoPay. If you choose this option, there is a 15 cent charge for every order. 


Thank you for supporting the Youth of St. John's Lutheran Church.